Dessert options

If you are looking for a different option for your dessert bar, have a look into this!!!

Our dessert bars can be customised to suit you and your event from weddings to birthdays, baby showers to christenings. Take the hassle out of trying to please everyone and let us do it for you!!!

Our standard package comes with an array of items. I have packaged these dessert bars to cater for our regular wedding guest numbers but they can be tailored to your needs. 

Lite option           45-50 guests-$420
as pictured above includes a  6 inch 12 serve cake, 26 brownie bites, 25 macarons, 25 new york cookies 
2 choices from category 1---40 serves

2 choices from category 2--- 40 serves

Medium option           70 guests $575
6 inch, 12 serve cake, 30 brownie bites, 25 cheesecake cups, 25 donuts,30 macarons,15 new york cookies
2 choices from category 1----70 serves

3 choices from category 2---60 serves

Full house option           90-100 guests-$850
6 inch 24 serve cake, 30 brownie bites, 30 macarons, 30 new york cookies, 20 cheesecake cups,20 lemon meringue cups, 30 donuts 
3 choices from category 1---90 serves
3 choices from category 2---90 serves

Category one desserts

Brownie Bites-
A deliciously fudgy bite of chocolatey goodness. Based on almond meal and real chocolate, these bites are rich and gooey and stay moist forever. 
New York Cookies
- Originating from New York and based on a delicious recipe. We pack these mini cookies with Chocolate chips to give that crunchy but soft bite of heaven. 
A delight originating in France, these puffs of sweetness are sure to delight. We can change the colour's to match your chosen colour palette too! Flavours match the colour palette to make a
delectable treat 
Mini Doughnuts
If you haven't tried a delicious brioche doughnut, mmmmmmaaaaatttttteeee you have been missing out! Yeast risen dough, deep fried and filled with silky Nutella or caramel truffle. 

Category two desserts

Cutting Cake
Choose from any of our mud cake flavour's or butter cake flavour's to create a gorgeous cutting cake for those special moment photos. Covered in a silky swiss meringue buttercream, layers of cake and maybe a little freeze dried raspberry or chocolate flake filling? 

Cheesecake cups
Our smooth, creamy set cheesecake cups are just that extra bit of dessert you need! ?
We offer chocolatey or caramel flavour's to satisfy the sweet tooth, or maybe a light fruity flavour to contrast with other dessert choices. 

Lemon meringue cups
A zesty lemon curd sits upon a sweet biscuit base with an Italian meringue toasted top! What more to say except YUM!

Full sized doughnuts
If you haven't tried
 a delicious brioche doughnut, mmmmmmaaaaatttttteeee you have been missing out! Yeast risen dough, deep fried and filled with silky Nutella , caramel truffle, biscoff, jam, passionfruit curd or lemon curd. 

Orange and Almond cakes
Fresh Navel oranges are used to create an orange persian cake to die for! Bonus- refined sugar free and Gluten free. These mini cakes are moist and beautifully designed to make an impact. 

Chocolate mousse ferraro rocher cups
Crushed hazelnuts sit below a chocolatey mousse with a ferraro rocher sitting on top!


NEON LIGHT- we will have a new "Love is Sweet" Neon light joining us very soon, if you would like to add this option on, please let us know.

If there is a certain combination you would like, please contact me and we can come up with an option to suit.